Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Pendulum Swing, 100 Things Challenge Part 4

October 12th, 2011 (No Comments)

My last 100 things post revealed how indulging in little purchases sent my list well above the limit. In true fashion, I have since overreacted to the slip-up and trimmed my list all the way down to 77 items. How? Well, I found a way that makes maintaining your personal inventory easy. By shifting your […]

Getting Ready For the 333 Challenge

October 6th, 2011 (No Comments)

Guest post for the 333 Challenge Website Like many people, I’ve always wanted to pull off that casual, sleek and pulled together look. Glamorous friends have offered advice on creating looks or proper accessorizing, but I could never will myself to do the work. My overstuffed closet felt oppressive; too many choices and possible combinations. […]

13 Steps to Picture Perfect Nails

October 4th, 2011 (No Comments)

Durring my girly project, I was surprised at the realization I didn’t know how to paint my nails. I had borrowed a friend’s nail kit, picked a color and went to town. It ended up looking streaky, messy and lumpy. Nail Fail. I will admit that I was doing it in low light while watching […]