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Circus Workshop: Fun, Effective In-School Programs in Calgary & Edmonton

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Program directors are always looking for exciting new in-school programs that will appeal to the whole school, whether it’s K-6, Jr High or High School while fitting in their often limited budget. I really think that circus workshops can be one excellent solution. Just yesterday Cynthia Engelbracht, Programing Coordinator at WO Mitchell School commented that our program was the “Best residency ever!! WO Mitchell loves you πŸ™‚ Thank you!”

Our workshops run as a 30-minute, one hour (1) or two hours (2) program. Students will enjoy a fast paced exciting program that includes a show with demos and a history of each prop, a warm-up activity, hands-on coaching, a cool-down activity, and optional activity sheets that can be left with teachers.

We focus on active learning through play, exploring the idea of difficult challenges and coping strategies around small failures in a safe space. Children explore a wide variety of circus skills while building dexterity, creativity, hand-eye coordination, and confidence. Workshops include all circus props, one coach, and a small sound system for fun circus music to set the mood.

Kids Circus Playshops

Website: KidsCircusWorkshops.com
Duration: 1hr – 6hrs
Age Range: Recommended ages 4–12 / Adult progams available
Venue: Best enjoyed outdoors or in an indoor open area such as a gym

Ideal ratios are 1 coach for every 15–20 children. Having additional coaches also allows us to incorporate more games and other additional activities.

β˜… Spinning Plates
β˜… Hula Hooping
β˜… Peacock Feather Balance
β˜… Staff Spinning
β˜… Diabolo
β˜… Ball, Rings, Club & Contact Juggling
β˜… Rhythmic Ribbon
β˜… Poi Spinning

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We can help answer a variety of questions to provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice for your event.

Documentary about Calgary Female Magician "Girl on Fire" Plaza Screening!!

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Last night in Calgary was the screening of Pyramid Production’s Documentary “Girl on Fire” staring female magician, yours truly. It was amazing to see it up on the big screen and hear the laugher from the audience, just a compleatly thrill.

We also screened a little pre-show video featuring some of my funniest friends who were not in attendance.

Thank you so much to everyone for coming out to the screening yesterday! I’m so grateful that all of you took the time, it means the world to me.
Thx to Justin Wondga for all the great photos!

Before the theatrical screening at the plaza theatre last night we aired this video, huge hit!

Special thank you to:
Joe Diamond
Paul Draper
David Parr
Rick Gerber
Ryan Dubya Stock, AmberLynn Walker & Nick Diffatte

Fun & Colorful Children's Balloon Decor

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Balloon Decor for Children: An Event in Review

Date: December 30th 2013
Theme: 1 Year Old’s Elmo Themed Birthday
Entertainment Services Provides: Balloon Decor
Location: Calgary, AB

Sometimes balloon decor can be such an incredibly satisfying project, and this one absolutely was. We were brought in to do some decor elements for an Elmo themed birthday party and I fully expect I may never see a 1 year old’s birthday that elaborate ever again. We did gumdrop column (pictured bellow), a rainbow garland, some interesting ballon clusters and this really fun ballon wreath (also pictured bellow).

Great Event Theme Idea – New Years in Vegas

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Event in Review

Date: January 11th 2014
Theme: New Years in Vegas
# of Entertainers: 5
Entertainment Services Provides: LED Stage Show, Roving Showgirls & Close-up Magic
Location: Calgary, AB

Last weekend myself Cassandra Bonham and two lovely ladies from Fable Entertainment (Marissa Puff and Amy Senecal came together to put on an amazingly fun show. LED Hoop, Poi and Staff group acts paired with amazing dance choreography left the crowd with that wow-factor we always strive for.

The event was a staff party themed “New Years in Vegas”. There was a flight attendant at the door to welcome guests to fabulous Las Vegas, there were showgirls (us), casino tables and a countdown to midnight (at 7pm). It was such a blast and a truly original idea for a special event theme.

Thank you so much to Lucky Shot who both connected us with the client but also took these amazing image, he is a very talented photographer we were so glad to have the opportunity to work with.

New Guinness World Record!! It's Official!

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On October 19th, 2012 the Television Show where I set the new world record for β€œlongest duration fire torch teething”, Los Show Dei Record in Rome, Italy FINALLY AIRED.

Note: Fire torch teething refers to a fire eating stunt which involves using one’s teeth to grip a flaming torch and holding it upright in the mouth without the use of one’s hands. This stunt is considered both dangerous and incredibly difficult. The intense pain from the fire on one’s mouth and teeth plus the inability to breathe throughout the performance of the stunt make this an impressive feat.

The record stood at an impossible 1 minute 32.75 seconds and was achieved by Wendell Gray in Mumbai, India. In training to break his record, I had to work on the trick every day for over a month before flying to Italy in April of 2012 for the chance of a lifetime.

On April 12th in Rome, Italy in front of a live audience I freaked out when I became a Guinness World Record Holder after successfully holding a flaming torch in my mouth for an incredible 2 minutes and 1 second.

I am super excited to finally be able to share the news with friends after the show aired on Thursday.

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