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July 2011

Fire Bug 21 : Real Life Flow with Thom Thumb

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I’ve been traveling western Canada attending prop manipulation festivals and getting a new perspective on our community.

In this episode, we have an inspiring interview with Thom Thumb, one of the organizers of Play Immersion and an extraordinary diverse and talented prop manipulator. We talk about his ‘contingency theory’, the importance of adult play and life lessons we’ve learned from prop manipulation.

This interview was recorded at the Spin Out Festival

Check out his FlowFesto and my 10 Life Lessons I Learned From Skill Toys

Also make sure to check out Fund the Flow Arts and thank you for listening.

If you have questions or comments for the show why not email me or call the comment line at 269.718.FIRE

The Joy of 30 day Challenges

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Turning 24 was different. It was the first birthday I began to feel remotely grown up. This new sense of looming adulthood was alarming and made me call into question my efforts to become the woman I wanted to become.

After a 11 months travel binge, returning home for my birthday was a great opportunity to reflect on what I wanted out of my next trip around the sun. I made a list, my go-to solution, of important things I wanted to work on then spent the next few weeks working on all my resolutions, on and off, in an attempt to cram in personal development in the same characteristic way I used to study for finals. Vowing to eat better, get more sleep and answer all email within 48 hours then abandoning the me resolutions to watch 10 episodes of Monk on Netflix and eat an entire bag of potato chips.

Overwhelmed by my own overcompensation, I needed a better solution.

One late night, whille ignoring my resolution to sleep better, I decided to watch some TED talks. A video by Matt Cutts about creating 30 day challenges struck me. I decided to make my own list of fun 30 day challenges that would help me work with more focus and hopefully more success.

I am naturally an obsessive person so this appealed me me.

Bellow is a table created to make it easy to follow my challenges, new articles will be added for each area. I hope you will watch the video embedded at the end of the article and consider starting a 30 day challenge yourself.

[table id=2 /]

This is the “try something for 30 days” TED Talk referenced above. Matt Cutts is an engineer at Google, where he fights link-spam and helps webmasters understand how search works. Read more at

If you want to follow along with my challenges, bookmark this page as the table will be updated with any new post. Let me know if you’re doing any challenges yourself I’d love to read about your experience. Please email me at

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