At the age of 2, I would apparently take my napkin in both hands, gently dab the corners of my mouth after each bite of food and replace in my lap like a tiny little miss manners. It’s one of my Dad’s favorite stories to tell and one of my favorite to hear.

The day before my sixth grade graduation the teacher had each student take turns leavening the room so the rest of the class could pick 2 qualities that best described them. These words would go written beside the photo of you that would be prominently featured in the front display case of the school. I recall it felt like forever before they invited me back in when it was my turn. When I got back they had picked kind and unique.

Little Girl Carisa Hendrix

A friend later told me that the class got into an argument over whether the word strange, weird or “freaky” best described me. The teacher mediated by telling the class that the world “Unique” was a nicer word and why not go with that.

Now years later, this full time performer and profesional weirdo is grateful for a head start at being “unique”. You do you, it’s worth it.

Little Carisa Hendrix

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