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for Longest sustained fire-torch teething

A 26 year old Calgary girl is excited today to be immortalized in the book she grew up loving so much. As it says on page 87 of the new 2014 Guinness Book of World Record, buy cialis right bellow her picture, Carisa Hendrix “practiced for a month before her 2-min 1.51-sec feat on Lo Show dei Record in Rome, Italy, on 12 April 2012” where she smashed the record for longest sustained fire-torch teething.jtp_carisa_catseye2_014

Fire torch teething refers to a fire eating stunt which involves using the teeth to grip a flaming torch, holding it upright in the mouth without the use of hands. This stunt is considered both dangerous and incredibly difficult. The intense pain from the fire often does damage to the mouth and teeth and the inability to breath throughout the attempt makes this an impressive feat for any experienced Flame Swallower.

The record stood at an impossible 1 minute 32.75 seconds and was achieved by Wendell

Gray in Mumbai, India. In training to break his record, Carisa worked on the trick every day for over a month, only missing days to heal from blisters and burns before flying to Italy in April of 2012 for the chance of a lifetime.

On April 12th in Rome Italy in front of a live audience Carisa became a Guinness World Record Holder after successfully holding a flaming torch in her mouth for an incredible 2-min 1.51-sec.

Hendrix started learning sideshow stunts and working with fire as a teenager. She was soon hired as an assistant to a number of local magicians, who helped her to build her confidence after years of being bullied for years in school. She worked hard to develop her own acts and stage persona for years and now she’s a successful entertainer working in Magic, Sideshow, Circus and Children’s Entertainment all over Canada.

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