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The Thrill & Beauty of Fire – Fully Insured & Choreographed

Beautiful Dance with the Primal Element of Fire
Length: 5 – 45 minutes
# of Cast: 2-14

Fire Performances incorporate dance, thrilling stunts, music and stunning costumes to create a beautiful show with that wow factor you’re are looking for at your next event. Ideal for: Galas, Weddings, Festivals, Agricultural Fairs, Award Shows, Fundraisers and more

Fire Poi Spinning
Polynesian Fire Staff
Fire Fan Dance
Fire Hoop Dance
Fire and Glow Magic
Fire Eating & Fire Manipulation
and More

Signature Fire Shows

The Ignite Fire Show – High Impact Fire Dance with High Drama and Intensity
The Lucky Carnival Fire Circus – A Family Comedy Fire Show with Playful Circus Elements
The Fire & Ice Show – A High Energy, Fun, Modern Fire and LED Dance Show
Electric Fire – An Intense High Tech Fire Dance and LED Light Manipulation Show

Themes available: Fire & Ice, Tribal, Modern Contemporary, Cirque Style, Vintage Carnival, Futuristic, Bollywood, Hawaiian and Vegas.

Recommendations: We highly recommend between 1-2 dancers for small events, 2-5 dancers for medium stages and mid sizes festival and 4-8 dancers for large stages, grandstand shows or large festivals.

[quote style=”1″]Rome hadn’t seen such a fire show since Nero’s time[/quote] – Riccardo Favato – Los Show Del Record, Italy